Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Process

Everyone is highly concerned about the potential cancellation of a program. Many factors impact this decision--most of which are outside the control of CCSA or its member schools. With that in mind, CCSA has modified the refund policy and will always monitor the situation for potential impacts on a program proceeding as planned. CCSA will offer students the option to defer their enrollment to the next program cycle and will work with students on payment and course selection.

No Risk

CCSA's "No Risk Refund" for Future Programs

CCSA follows our standard refund policy. However, due to the concerns about potential ineligibility (due to illness) or travel restrictions by colleges and universities we are offering a No Risk Refund . Students may cancel for any reason prior to the program date listed below, and receive a FULL refund.

No Risk Refund Dates by Program
Summer 2023 March 17, 2023

After the No Risk Refund date the standard penalty for withdrawal policy will be in effect. With that in mind, CCSA will do all we can to mitigate the financial risks and negative impacts to students after this deadline.

Standard Penalty for Withdrawal
The application fee is non-refundable.
After First Payment Deadline 25% of the total program fees are owed to CCSA
After Final Payment Deadline 50% of the total program fees are owed to CCSA
14 Days Prior to Program Start Date 100% of the total program fees are owed to CCSA

Fees that are considered in the calculation of the withdrawal penalty.

  • Application Fee (non-refundable)
  • Program fee
  • Group flight ticket*
  • Additional class activities fees
  • Single room supplement
  • Second course fee **
  • Optional trip fees

* The group flight ticket is 100% non-refundable once ticketed.
** The second course fee is 100% non-refundable after the first payment deadline.

After the first payment deadline, changes requested by participating individuals (students or non-credit participants) may incur fees. These may include, but are not limited to, the following:

Penalty For Changes:
Flight Changes - $200 + Airline change fee
Housing Changes - $200
Optional Excursion Changes - $200
Late Applications (non-credit only) - $200
Course Selection - $50
Early Arrival/Late Departure - $100 + On-site direct costs


CCSA reserves the right to withdraw any of its programs due to war, political unrest, terrorism, natural disaster, low enrollment, unforeseen circumstances, CDC Guidelines, or a travel warning issued by the US State Department.

Participants who withdraw or who are involuntarily removed shall remain obligated to pay the balance determined by the Penalty for Withdraw schedule above. Applicants whose participation is involuntarily canceled by CCSA due to the applicant’s failure to remain in good standing or complete required preconditions for participation (such as holding a valid passport, meeting health requirements, meeting travel requirements, completing visa requirements, or other factors that prohibit participation) shall remain obligated to pay the balance determined by the Penalty for Withdraw schedule above.

If CCSA cancels a course, the applicant will automatically be moved to their alternate course choice and sent a notification. If both the primary and alternate courses are canceled, and an applicant does not elect to participate in another course, the full amount paid to date will be refunded if the student confirms the withdrawal within 48 hours after the change. After this time, CCSA follows the Penalty for Withdrawal schedule above.