COVID-19 Resources

CCSA supports our member institutions be serving as a clearinghouse of information. We operate in many states with differing COVID response plans. We hope the FAQ's are helpful and have provided the links below to take you to your specific state's response web site. Please share this info with your faculty and students.

CCSA follows CDC guidance on COVID testing and response.


As of 12:01AM ET on June 12, 2022, CDC will no longer require air passengers traveling from a foreign country to the United States to show a negative COVID-19 viral test or documentation of recovery from COVID-19 before they board their flight.



  • Pre-Departure - CCSA requires each person confirm they have not tested positive for COVID within 48-hours of departure by logging into your CCSA account and completing the required confirmation section.
  • Pre-US Return - While testing to travel to the US is no longer required, we recommend that everyone complete a self-test prior to your return to the United States.
  • Letter - If you have had COVID in the 90 days before travel, we recommend you obtain the travel letter per the CDC guidelines…
  • CCSA recommends that every person on a program bring Rapid COVID tests for personal use. A positive test within ten (10) days of departure and on-site will trigger actions that meet the health authority requirements. It is an individual’s responsibility to remain eligible to travel on a CCSA program.


Will CCSA require participants to be immunized against COVID-19?
Yes, CCSA requires all students, faculty, guests, and administrators to be fully vaccinated in advance of their program start date.

The CDC defines “fully vaccinated” as one dose of a single-dose vaccine or two doses on different days (regardless of time interval) of either an mRNA or a protein-based series.

Following the CDC guidance, CCSA highly recommends that each person on a program is up to date with your COVID-19 vaccines before traveling. The CDC defines this as … “A person is up to date with their COVID-19 vaccination if they have received all recommended doses in the primary series and one booster when eligible. Getting a second booster is not necessary to be considered up to date at this time.” If you're not yet boosted, plan to get a booster as soon as possible. A 14-day lead time before departure is recommended by the CDC.

Will I be able to travel without having been vaccinated against COVID-19?
CCSA will follow CDC/WHO requirements and the expectation is that all students, faculty, guests, and administrators will be fully vaccinated. Everyone must meet entry requirements for their destinations.

Do I still need to wear a face covering?
CCSA recommends masks during the air travel portion of a program and when in crowded public places.

Where can I get vaccinated?
CCSA has created this resource page where participants can look up their state-specific requirements and procedures for the COVID-19 vaccination (see table to right).

Why should I get vaccinated? Is it safe?
According to the CDC, the vaccines are effective, and studies have shown they prevent severe illness and death from the virus. See for information.

*We encourage you to visit for further information regarding the COVID-19 Vaccination.