Ireland: One Island, Two Countries

June 03, 2019 —June 19, 2019
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Study across an island divided by a border, but joined in history. The program takes you to both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. From Dublin, the capital of the Republic, we’ll uncover the cultural significance behind Glendalough, Trinity College and places made famous by such writers as James Joyce and Jonathan Swift.

Then we’ll head to Northern Ireland (part of the United Kingdom), tracking the history of Ireland, ancient and modern, stopping at the magnificent coastal World Heritage Site, the Giant’s Causeway, and visiting locations associated more recently with the Troubles in Belfast and Derry.

Finally it’s off to the beauty of the mountains, valleys and islands of the West of Ireland where Gaelic and traditional music can still be heard. Discover the beauty and the tragedy, the history and the hope that define this land still struggling to be united.

The schedule, subject to change, includes stays in Dublin, Belfast, Derry and Sligo (or nearby), and a city in west Ireland. Accommodations are typically in dormitory housing in Dublin and in hotels, thereafter. Included are day trips to such locations as Glendalough/Powerscourt House and Aran Islands.

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Scott Boyd Scott Boyd, Professor in the Department of Theatre and Dance at Middle Tennessee State University, currently serves as the Head of Theatrical Design. He received his Master of Fine Arts degree in Theatrical Design and Technical Production from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and a Bachelor of Art degree from Xavier University in Ohio. At North Carolina, he studied under world-renown designer Andreas Nomikos and four time Tony Award winner Patricia Zipprodt. His extensive design and technical production experience includes work on The Chocolate Soldier for the National Opera Company (Washington, D.C.); Camelot’s Ruby and Empire Gas for the Lost Tribe Theatre Company (New York City); and Shirtwaist and Sus Manos for the Flying Fig Theatre Company (New York City.) He has been a consultant for many community, educational, and regional productions across the American Southeast. Professor Boyd is a nine-time finalist for the First Night Awards for Outstanding Design and a three-time winner for his designs of The Tempest and The Tide Shall Cover the Earth. He served as Resident Designer/Technical Director for the acclaimed Nashville Children’s Theatre for five years and spent nine years on the faculty of Austin Peay State University before joining Middle Tennessee State University in 2004. He has recently served as the Fred Coe Artist in Residence at Vanderbilt University. Scott is a member of the United Scenic Artists Local #829 .He has taught and directed London and Ireland programs for CCSA for 20 plus years.

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Program Dates
June 03, 2019 —June 19, 2019

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Payment Process
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Regular Application Deadline
March 01, 2019
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Courses Offered

Agriculture / Earth & Environmental Science

Exploring Sustainable Agriculture in Ireland
Course Description: This class provides a special opportunity to observe many different aspects of Irish agriculture that would not be seen by the typical visitor to the Republic of Ireland as well as Northern Ireland. Planned site visits include beef, dairy, equine, horticulture, farmers markets and agriculture research facilities. Particular attention will be paid to how small family owned operations can be sustainable and profitable. To enrich your understanding of the environment in which Irish agriculture operates, visits to cultural and geological sites will also be included. This course is offered for upper division or graduate credit.
Bruce Pratt | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U/GR/H

Communication / Film and Media Studies / Broadcasting / Pop Culture

Digital Storytelling in Ireland
Course Description: Everyone has a story to tell, and in this class students will develop their own stories as they relate to the culture of Ireland by creating audio and video projects on location. We will examine digital media as a tool for seeing, exploring, and expressing cultural identity. While visiting ancient sites, cathedrals, and museums and attending concerts, students will document their experience as a participant observer during this important moment in their lives. You’re invited to take advantage of this opportunity to develop your cultural competency and sensitivity in the process of documenting intercultural stories in Ireland.
Ann Andaloro | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U/GR/H

English Language and Literature / Creative Writing / Psychology

Irish Literature: In Darkness and Light
Course Description: Explore the darker and lighter sides of Irish literature on site in Ireland. This class delves into both the darker writing of Irish Gothic writers (like Bram Stoker and Oscar Wilde) and the lighter and satirical literature of Irish authors like Jonathan Swift. Gain insights into the literature while traveling through the inspirational Irish countryside and sampling the popular culture of Ireland in pubs and concerts, cathedrals and castles. By immersing yourself in the cultural and physical environment of modern Ireland, you will deepen your understanding of the conditions that resulted in the glorious Irish literary tradition.
Prerequisite: Completion of a first year college English course.
Bill Mullen | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U

Health Care Administration / Nursing / Social Work

Comparing Irish and American Health Care Systems
Course Description: Anyone considering a career in healthcare will gain valuable experience in this class comparing American and Irish healthcare systems, including such topics as educational preparation, the Irish healthcare team system, the health concerns of Ireland’s vulnerable populations, and health indicators. Visiting healthcare locations such as Bon Secours hospital in Galway and Newtownpark House Nursing Home and Mater Misericordiae Hospital in Dublin, we will interact with both providers and consumers of healthcare to deepen participants’ understanding of how Irish and American health systems compare, while visiting historical sites to expand participants’ knowledge of how historical and cultural beliefs influence health practices.
Dr. Miranda Peterson | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U/H

Folk Studies / Music / Celtic Studies

Status: Unavailable
SongStory: The Irish Roots of Appalachian Music and Culture
Course Description: This course explores the Celtic roots of Appalachian music and culture through the traditional music of Ireland. Linking songs with locales (e.g., Dublin, Kildare, Enniskillen), lyrics are analyzed to reveal historical and cultural themes. The importance of land, clan, and the struggle for independence are some of the themes we will be examining. We will visit museums and attend “performances” in pubs, churches and other intimate venues. The course incorporates an ethnographic component in which students interview area residents regarding songs of various regions. The course is open to anyone but will be of special interest to students of music, linguistics, and history.
Robin Antepara | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U

Public Health

Status: Unavailable
Irish Perspectives on Occupational Safety and Health
Course Description: Take this once in a lifetime opportunity to study occupational safety and health while exploring the coastlines and castles of the Emerald Isle. Learn the fundamentals of risk management by studying Irish calamities on site, such as the Potato Famine and Bloody Sunday, and by visiting Irish companies (such as Guinness Brewery, Kerrygold and Aer Lingus) to learn about their safety and risk management programs. Also planned are field trips to relevant museums (such as the Titanic Museum), government agencies and research institutes. This enjoyable hands-on learning experience will better prepare you for success in the OSH profession.
Prerequisite: Completion of basic writing requirement and there will be a paper assignment for this course.
Dr. Randal Keller | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U/G
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