London: Summer

June 28, 2019 —July 28, 2019
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Make London your home. CCSA’s four-week program enables you to experience the great city while earning 3 or 6 hours of credit along with faculty and students from other CCSA member schools at the University of London King’s College Waterloo Campus. Beyond the classroom and field trips, the schedule will enable you to explore the world outside of London on weekends.

Students may take a second 3 credit-hour course for an additional $700. Your home university may have an additional fee, so check with your CCSA campus representative. The $700 second course fee is non-refundable following the first payment deadline. Students considering a second class should bear in mind that doing so will require them to be in class or mandatory class-related activities all day Monday through Thursday.

Students wishing to take two classes must select one Group A course and one Group B course, as designated in the Course Descriptions section. To avoid schedule conflicts, courses meet according to the following weekly pattern.

Available are an optional day trips to Stonehenge/Salisbury and Blenheim Palace/Cotswolds and optional weekend excursions to Edinburgh/Alnwick Castle and Paris.

Program Package

  • Accommodations: Included.
  • Course-related activities and entrances fees
  • All course-related ground transportation
  • Additional cultural program excursions
  • Health and emergency evacuation insurance* (International Programs Only)
  • Program directors and staff on-site 24/7

CCSA Central Office

Contact Information

Stephen Farley - Applications

Robert Bedard - Payments

Robin Byerly - Travel

Michael Hatton

Program Director

Michael Hatton Mr. Hatton is the Assistant Chair along with serving as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Theatre and Dance at Northern Kentucky University, teaching courses in theatre history, race and gender through dramatic literature and dramatic theory and criticism. Mr. Hatton is the resident production stage manager for the Lincoln Boyhood Drama Association and their signature musical, A Pioneer Tale. Mr. Hatton has also worked with several local companies including the Acclaim Awards as a panelist, the Cincinnati Arts Association, Cincinnati Overture Awards, Showstoppers/Belterra Casino, Cincinnati Men’s Chorus, Professional Concepts and is the resident Production Manager for The Performance Gallery. Mr. Hatton is on the Board of Directors for the Cincinnati Cappies and is the NKU coordinator for the Lois and Richard Rosenthal Uptown Arts internship program.

Group or Individual Travel Allowed

Option One - Group Travel

Travel together with faculty, staff and other participants from your CCSA program with our group travel. CCSA will purchase a airline ticket from select U.S. cities on your behalf. The airline cost will be included in your final bill from CCSA. In addition to the flight, you will also receive transport to/from the accommodation in the destination city and the airport.

You can check our currently available departure cities on our departures page CCSA highly recommends this option for those new to international travel.

  • roundtrip air transportation from one of CCSA's designated U.S. departure cities.
  • roundtrip ground transportation between airport and the accommodation site.
  • CCSA faculty and staff to guide you through the immigration and customs process.

Option Two - Individual Travel

If you wish to make independent travel arrangements and depart from a city not listed or travel outside the program dates please choose INDEPENDENT TRAVEL from the selection below. You will book your own flights and arrange your own transportation to/from the airport and the accommodation site of the program. This is a great option for going early, staying late, or using airline miles to purchase tickets. We highly recommend participants not fly standby for these programs as a late arrival may negatively impact your grade.

Important Note for Independent Travelers: Please be aware that your check-in date may be up to 24 hours AFTER the program start date (program dates include travel time).

Check the CCSA website at for your scheduled date/time check-in.

* All prices are estimates based on prior programs. Final pricing will be published on the CCSA website by the first payment deadline.


Not required for U.S. citizens for less than a 3-month stay. Non-U.S. citizens are responsible for obtaining a visa as needed.

Program Dates
June 28, 2019 —July 28, 2019

Base Price
(price for one course)


Payment Process
See our payments page
Enrollment Status: CLOSED

Regular Application Deadline
March 01, 2019
App Fee Currently $250

Courses Offered

Group A Courses You may have up to ONE Group A course.

Art & Design / Interdisciplinary / Theatre

Explore the Arts in London: Theatre, Music, Art, and Design
Course Description: London is one of the most dynamic cities in the world, and home to the work of all kinds of art and all kinds of artists. In this class you’ll explore some of London’s famous sites, but you’ll spend even more time discovering unique destinations and experiences that are off the beaten path. You’ll see graffiti art and the great masterworks, hear both classical and contemporary world music, watch productions of cutting edge theatre followed by Shakespeare at the Globe, eat traditional British food and try new flavors - you’ll even meet some of the artists themselves. You’ll experience first-hand how it feels, looks, and sounds as all the arts come together on the vibrant streets of London! This course offers a great connection with courses in Group B.
Carol Stewart | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U/GR/H

Communication / Film And Media Studies

Understanding England through Popular Film
Course Description: Gain an appreciation of the magic of English cinema. Our journey begins with the Beatles’ Hard Day’s Night and Monty Python’s Holy Grail. We conclude our cultural trek through contemporary England with James Bond, Harry Potter, and Bilbo Baggins. Our appreciation of English film will also come from touring London’s iconic “film locations,” including Harry’s Platform 9¾, Captain America’s Trafalgar Square, Jason Bourne’s Charing Cross, and Bond’s Skyfall Skyline. And outside of London, we will study script writing at Shakespeare’s Stratford Upon Avon and observe the filmmaking process at Warner Brother’s Harry Potter Studio in Leavesden.
Alan DeSantis | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U

Psychology / Sociology / Music

Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll: Music Subcultures in the U.K.
Course Description: Mods used amphetamines to help them dance all night. Hippies glorified psychedelic music, psychedelic drugs, and free love. Raves ran on ecstasy, the “love drug.” Why are many youth subcultures defined by their music and drugs of choice? Are they trying to change the world, or just have a really good time! We will examine the music, lifestyles, and sociohistorical contexts associated with the above subcultures, as well as Punk, Goth, Hip Hop, and Heavy Metal. Field trips, including a trip to Liverpool, will let us hear music, make graffiti art, and experience both mainstream British culture and contemporary countercultures.
Prerequisite: Students should have had one introductory course in either psychology or sociology, or a course in 20th Century History.
Thomas Johnson | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U

Biology / Earth & Environmental Science

Status: Unavailable
Dinosaurs and Other Mesozoic Creatures of England
Course Description: This course introduces the scientific study of dinosaurs and their contemporaries, including sea monsters and pterodactyls. Students will learn how scientists use evidence to reconstruct the appearance and behavior of extinct organisms by comparing the first dinosaur statues ever made at Crystal Palace to modern displays at the Natural History Museum in London. Students will find their own fossils in the Jurassic cliffs of Dorset and go behind the scenes at the Oxford Museum of Natural History. Topics include the history of dinosaur discoveries with particular attention to British paleontologists, feathered dinosaurs, and the cause of the dinosaur extinction.
Michelle Casey | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U

English Language and Literature / Theatre

Status: Unavailable
Shakespeare in London: "The Play's the Thing"
Course Description: Where better to study Shakespeare than in the city where he lived and worked? You will gain a better understanding and deeper appreciation of Shakespeare after seeing several of his plays performed in the recently-restored Globe Theatre, touring sites associated with his life, including his hometown of Stratford-upon-Avon, and visiting historic places he wrote about, such as the Tower of London and the winding alleyways of Southwark. Other course highlights include a professionally-guided walking tour of Shakespeare’s London, a tour of the Globe Theatre, and a visit to Hampton Court Palace.
Prerequisite: Must have successfully completed their university’s lower division writing/English requirements.
Peter McCluskey | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U

Sociology / Social Work / Race & Ethnicity / Pop Culture

Status: Unavailable
Pomp, Proper, and Punk: Principles of British Society
Course Description: Learn the principles of sociology through immersion in British culture in one of the great cities of the world, London. Apply sociology techniques on the streets of London while you learn the basics of sociological research. Cope with resocialization in a foreign country while you study the processes of socialization. Absorb culture at the British Museum, the world’s most comprehensive collection of cultural artifacts. Encounter the breadth of social inequality from Buckingham Palace to council house rows. This introductory sociology course is open to all majors and may fulfill general education requirements at student’s home institution.
Joseph Simpson | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U

Group B Courses You may have up to ONE Group B course.

Art & Design

Experiments in Photography: Britain through the Camera's Lens
Course Description: Designed for anyone who loves art, photography or British culture, this fun, hands-on studio course introduces a wide range of historical and contemporary experimental practices. Students will learn design basics while exploring the birth of photography in England and the Victorian obsession with all things optical that helped lead up to it. We will create a photographic record of our travel experiences, while experimenting with camera obscuras, pinhole photography, stereo cards, cyanotypes, Vandyke prints, emulsion lifts, light painting and other creative projects. We’ll visit the abbey where photography was invented and other exciting photography-related sites. All skill levels are welcome.
Laura Hartford | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U/GR/H

English Language and Literature / Film And Media Studies / Pop Culture

Harry Potter: Contexts and Criticism
Course Description: Studying the Harry Potter novels in England allows us to understand the literary, cultural, and historical contexts which inspired J.K. Rowling. We’ll investigate the texts and places which shaped the Harry Potter series while discussing critical approaches to the novels and films. In addition to touring the film and novel settings of London, we’ll venture to towns and villages beyond London, including Oxford, to visit castles, cathedrals, markets, and museums and bolster our understanding of the Harry Potter phenomenon. Students will tour the Warner Brothers studio and will have the opportunity to journey from King’s Cross Station to Scotland.
Prerequisite: Any low-level, introductory literature course.
Dan Shea | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U

Pop Culture / Communication / Film And Media Studies

British Sport and Media
Course Description: This course explores in depth the relationship between communication and sport, examining theories of communication and connecting them to sport. Our focus will be on the question, what is the relationship between sport and race, gender, class, violence, community, and society throughout the United Kingdom? To answer that question, we will visit many British media outlets including but not limited to the British Broadcasting Corporation and the Daily Telegraph newspaper, in additional to sporting venues such as Manchester City soccer stadium, Wimbledon Tennis Club, Lord’s Cricket Grounds, Royal Ascot racing track, the British Racing Authority and more.
Donald Lowe | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U/H

Sociology / Public Policy / Criminal Justice

Betwixt and Between: Social Problems in the U.S. and the U.K.
Course Description: Why are British citizens less likely to be teen parents, to go to jail, or to become homeless? How can two nations so alike have such different strategies for solving social problems and such different outcomes? In this class we will examine the schools, hospitals, and courts to uncover similarities and differences. We will visit the historical roots of institutions in both nations such as Oxford, the Tower of London, and Parliament. Students will complete a lower-division course that is a requirement option at many schools, is required in most sociology programs, and that will give you a broad worldview of social problems and solutions.
Vicky Elias | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U

Psychology / History

Status: Cancelled
Roll up! Roll up for the Psychology History Tour!
Course Description: Learn about psychology’s history by touring about the United Kingdom during your study abroad summer. If you crave direct experience with places where science history happened, like Cambridge, London, Edinburgh, and Oxford, and if you fancy contemplating the historical answers to essential questions like “What is real?” and “What is the mind?” then this undergraduate course is for you. Discover the historical British contributions to psychological science and your learning will meet the outcomes of traditional History and Systems of Psychology. It’s like streaming a television series on British psychology history filmed on location--and you’re in the show!
Prerequisite: An introductory psychology course or consent of instructor.
Thomas Wilson | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U
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