Ireland: One Island, Two Countries

June 17, 2023 —July 03, 2023

Study across an island divided by a border, but joined in history. The program takes you to both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. From Dublin, the capital of the Republic, we’ll uncover the cultural significance behind Glendalough, Trinity College and places made famous by such writers as James Joyce and Jonathan Swift.

Then we’ll head to Northern Ireland (part of the United Kingdom), tracking the history of Ireland, ancient and modern, stopping at the magnificent coastal World Heritage Site, the Giant’s Causeway, and visiting locations associated more recently with the Troubles in Belfast and Derry.

Then it's off to the beauty of the mountains, valleys and islands of the West of Ireland where Gaelic and traditional music can still be heard. Discover the beauty and the tragedy, the history and the hope that define this land still struggling to be united.

The schedule, subject to change, includes stays in Dublin, Belfast, Derry and Sligo (or nearby), and Galway. Included are day trips to locations such as Glendalough and Aran Islands.

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Program Dates
June 17, 2023 —July 03, 2023

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February 17, 2023
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Courses Offered

Agriculture / Food Science

Exploring Sustainable Agriculture in Ireland
Course Description: As large-scale “factory” farming practices are increasingly criticized for harming the environment, many farmers are developing sustainable alternatives in raising crops and livestock, and nowhere more so than in both Irelands – the Republic and Northern Ireland. This class will take you on visits to many of these small, family-owned kinds of operations – such as dairy, sheep, cattle, and horse farms, as well as organic veggie farms and farmers markets. Issues of sustainability as well as profitability will be explored with farmers and with experts at the Alltech Bioscience Centre, so that students taking this class will come away with enhanced knowledge of what it will take to feed the world while sustaining the planet.
Prerequisite: None
Prof. Carla Isaacs-Hagan | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U

Business Administration

From Grain to Glass: Exploring Adult Beverage Industries in Ireland
Course Description: This course explores all business aspects of the brewing, distilling, and wine-making markets in the United Kingdom & Ireland through the view of one island, with two countries. Beginning in Dublin (in the Republic of Ireland) we will then visit multiple other cities throughout the country of Northern Ireland. The class examines the many factors that affect the supply chain and business decision-making in the alcoholic beverage industry, including the environmental, political, regulatory, and economic factors impacting this industry today. Visits are planned to distilleries and breweries, as well as suppliers and distributors, from which students will gain a comparative perspective on how the American and Irish adult beverage industries manage the same issues and challenges.
Prerequisite: None
WKU Course: BA220
Prof. Aaron Judd | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U

Literature / English / Sociology / History

Castles and Cliffsides: Literature of the Emerald Isle
Course Description: Gain an understanding of the rich historical and cultural background to Irish literature by experiencing the locales that have inspired Irish authors over the centuries, including ancient churches and castles, Ireland's beautiful and mystic landscape, and the historic pubs where iconic music still flourishes. From the Cliffs of Moher to the Giant's Causeway and from seaside villages to Dublin's vibrant urban culture, this class will focus on the sources of Irish literature and the magnificent range of ways that Irish authors have depicted the human condition in such literary genres as romanticism, mysticism, satire, Gothic and realism.
Prerequisite: None
Prof. Bill Mullen | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U

Literature / History / Celtic Studies

The Power of Irish Myth
Course Description: Explore the mysterious and enduring world of Celtic legend as you travel through the stunning landscapes and visit historic sites associated with the gods, kings, warriors, and lovers of ancient Irish culture. Exhibits at Dublin’s National Museum and National Library as well as Trinity College’s Book of Kells will deepen your understanding of Celtic society and its values, while visits to monastic ruins, hill forts and dolmens, and other famed rural sites will enrich your imaginative capacity for relating to the ancient legends. You will come away from our journey knowing how and why the survival of the Irish mythological tradition shaped -- and continues to shape -- Ireland's cultural, political, and spiritual identity.
Prerequisite: Basic writing requirement. A survey or Intro to Literature course is recommended.
Dr. Barbara J. Burch | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U

Nursing / Healthcare Administration / Sociology

Self-Development of the Healthcare Provider: A Cross-Cultural Examination
Course Description: In this class comparing the American and Irish health care systems, you'll learn how culture shapes our professional self by influencing how we understand and value the world around us. Awareness of sociocultural influences on health beliefs and behaviors can equip future healthcare providers with skills to transform personal and professional practice. Interaction with healthcare providers while visiting hospitals, pharmacies, public health agencies and research facilities will deepen student's understanding of how Irish and American health systems compare in such areas as healthcare education and public health policies. We'll also learn how cultural and historical influences shape modern healthcare practices by touring historic sites.
Prerequisite: None
Dr. Miranda Peterson, DNP, RN, CNE | 3 Cr. Hrs. | U